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 [16/08] The Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau "encounter"

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [16/08] The Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau "encounter"   16/10/2012, 08:11

"In my imagination, Nicholas Tse is only a handsome guy, I never would have thought that I could see his acting in "The Bullet Vanishes"." Yesterday, after 20 movie fans finished watching "The Bullet vanishes", not only did they praise Nicholas Tse's improvement, they were also captivated by Sean Lau's older man feel, but Yang Mi's "Alauda gulgula" got mixed reviews, "Why is it that as soon as she came on, I went out?" The intimate scene with Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse also became one of the main points the audience disliked.

At the beginning of the movie, a female worker at an arms factory kneels in the rain proclaiming her innocence, the sound of a gun being fired starts the story, it is a strong opening. After the worker dies, a "phantom bullet" appears at the arms factory, the staff die one by one, yet no bullet is found at the scene, Nicholas Tse plays a detective who works with the Superintendent played by Sean Lau to solve the case.

The process of solving the case involves speculation, firstly it attracted the audience to speculate the course of events, "What is the bullet?" It still holds onto people's heart, a movie fan said: "After the first victim appears, I guessed the bullet might have been made from ice, who would've thought that Nicholas Tse would then take out some ice to try out the theory, to prove that it is not good material to make a bullet, that got me stuck, all I could do was follow the plot." When Nicholas Tse finally figures out what the bullet is made of, the movie fans were really pleased, but this wasn't the exciting bit, at the end the plot takes a 180 degree spin, when the real killer is revealed, the movie fans were shocked, the movie fans "silently" said: "I really never thought it could be, the killer was him, I don't want to spoil it, just the ending is worth the entry fee." There were also movie fans that did not agree with this point. A movie fan thought: "The story at the beginning of the movie conforms with the norms of society, the latter parts were a bit hurried, at the end the twist was very surprising." Another movie fan thought: "The ending was a bit deliberate, it's trying to make you feel surprised, in reality it was a bit forced."

During the investigation of the case, the director put the autopsy on the silver screen to let the audience watch, the camera angle is from the viewpoint inside the body, you can clearly see the expression of the coroner, there is even scenes of the female coroner slicing the body open with a knife, this made the audience a bit uneasy. Also, in order to find evidence, Sean Lau visited the grave at night, not only they he dig up the charred remains, Sean Lau even stuck is finger into the body's mouth to try and find any clues. Movie fans who like watching movies with a bit of a bite were very pleased.

Yang Mi plays "Alauda gulgula" who is Nicholas Tse's "close female friend", her role seems like it was forced in, some movie fans criticised her: "We were deep into thinking about the case, then Yang Mi appears, I'm out of it." The company behind the movie has been using Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse's one intimate scene as a selling point, from the looks of it, this scene was filming very earnestly, the visual is beautiful, the lighting is first rate, Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse also went to their limits, it's just that the audience watched it and just smiled, a movie fan said: "You could cut this scene completely. I can't feel the love between the two at all, Yang Mi didn't get into the role at all, the scene was beautiful, but I wanted to laugh when watching it."

Some audience members evaluated "The Bullet Vanishes" as the movie you can see Nicholas Tse's best acting in since he debuted, they said he completely did away with his just being cool look, he gave life to the detective, as for Sean Lau, his mature uncle charm is impossible to resist, no matter if he's using himself to experiment the theory of hanging, afterwards he records down the biological reaction, his "will they, won't they" relationship with Jiang Yi Yan was well acted by him.


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[16/08] The Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau "encounter"

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