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 [08/08] Buddhist Nicholas Tse: loyal to one's own persistence

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [08/08] Buddhist Nicholas Tse: loyal to one's own persistence   16/10/2012, 08:10

Nicholas Tse is one of the most famous buddhists in the entertainment circle, Nicholas Tse believes in "persistence", no matter the price, be loyal to your own persistence.

Before studying Buddhism Nicholas Tse's personality was music - no, sorry, I'll start again; ladies and gentlemen, pretend you didn't see me come out, I'll come out again. Director stupefied: we already set off the fireworks, how can you just sing half a song? I said, I'd rather not have the fireworks, I want to perform my best, no matter how beautiful the setting is, that is what I ask of myself."

22 years old, the reason it is a milestone in Nicholas Tse's memories is perhaps because, that was the time he was most loyal to himself, the times when he would not compromise for anything. In that year, his relationship with Faye Wong made him into the hottest topic in Mainland China; in that year, because of the "cover up case" he was taken away by the police at Cecilia Cheung's house, afterwards he spent 14 days in prison; also in that year, his mother Deborah wrote this letter to him:

"Your father once gave you the words "help yourself", mom wants to give you words as well - compromise, but it doesn't mean you are surrendering, you understand what is called compromise right? Like recently you thought you were very "unlucky", so you stopped driving for a bit, but it doesn't mean you won't drive in the future, this is a "compromise"......if you did manage to "help yourself" and "compromise", then your life will be 'boundless'."

When she wrote this letter, Deborah definitely knew in her heart, between the word "compromise" and Nicholas Tse is a gap the size of the solar system. Nicholas Tse believes in "persistence", no matter the price, be loyal to your own persistence.

The first time he went on a cover of a magazine, it was when he was just 3 minutes old - that year was 1980 in the summer, the whole of Hong Kong's media went with this headline: "Movie star Patrick Tse has son". When he was 6, Nicholas Tse and his sister were sent to Canada by their parents, but this did not distant him from the media's cameras, the paparazzi followed him there, because one photo of Nicholas Tse and his classmates returning home from school could increase sales of gossip magazines by loads. At 16, because of his passion for music, and also because he understood that he would not be able to escape the media's chase, he decided to enter the entertainment circle, he wanted to transform from being passive to being the initiator, using helplessness in exchange for a ticket to his dream. An flawless outward appearance, a famed background, quickly made him into one of the brightest people in the Hong Kong entertainment circle.


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[08/08] Buddhist Nicholas Tse: loyal to one's own persistence

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