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 [26/09]"Shaolin" Hong Kong trailer, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse battle it out

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [26/09]"Shaolin" Hong Kong trailer, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse battle it out   30/9/2010, 04:21

A few days ago, a new Hong Kong version of the trailer for the big production kung fu movie "Shaolin" was released. After a gap of 28 years, "Shaolin" is a remake of Jet Li's classic "Shaolin Temple" with a new storyline, it is highly anticipated by movie fans.

The new version of the trailer is opened by Jacky Wu practising his punches as one of the monks, he looked magnanimous seemingly into the next level. Later, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse appear in handsome military uniforms, they go on to exchange moves with Jacky Wu and Shi Xing Yu, Fan Bing Bing, Xiong Xing Xing, Bai Bing all made appearances. Besides them, "big brother" Jackie Chan is also guest starring as a monk. Being a 32nd generation apprentice of Shaolin Shi Xing Yu's own monk name "Yan Neng" is displayed on the poster, the movie also uses quite a few real monks from Shaolin.

"Shaolin" is written by Benny Chan's partner Alan Yuen, the story is up and down: during the chaotic war, the soldiers are good at war, military general Hou Jie (played by Andy Lau), who oppresses the people, is betrayed by his second in command Cao Man (Nicholas Tse), his wife Yan Xi (played by Fan Bing Bing) leaves him and his daughter dies, revenge and hate make him want to end his life. During this time he meets a cooking monk (played by Jackie Chan) who has lived in the kitchen of Shaolin for a long time, he becomes friends with three of his former enemies, Jing Neng (played by Jacky Wu), Jing Hai (played by Yu Shao Qun), Jing Kong (played by Shi Xing Yu). He gains enlightenment and becomes a monk, he leads the monks to go against Cao Man whi betrayed him and his helper Suo Jiang Tu (played by Xiong Xing Xing), he swears on his life to protect the temple and the people.

According to reports, "Shaolin" is expected to come out at the end of the year in time for the New Year period, it will battle it out with "Let Bullets Fly", "Sacrifice", "If You Are The One 2" at the box office.

Source: Mtime

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[26/09]"Shaolin" Hong Kong trailer, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse battle it out

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